Types Of Windows

Types Of Windows

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When you think of a window, you generally think of the windows in your home that you might have put fly screens in Townsville on to keep the insects out during summer with some sliding shutters or fabric awnings to keep the sunlight out and, in some cases, there might even be some shade structures or window hoods installed if the sunlight tends to get truly unbearable at times. However, other than the simple windows that are used in most houses there are many, many other types of windows out there in use for various purposes.

For example, one of the most common types of windows are fixed windows. They are called this because they are fixed in their position and cannot be opened. Fixed windows serve only the purpose of allowing light to enter and are therefore unsuitable whenever you want the window to provide ventilation as well. Sometimes, when ventilation is required but there are already fixed windows installed, trickle vents or overglass vents may be used to allow for ventilation.

As for the non-fixed windows that we see in use in many homes around the world, many of those tend to use single hung, double hung, or horizontal sliding sash windows. All three of these types of windows consist of overlapping sashes that can be moved. As the name might suggest, single hung sashes have only one movable sash, but is the cheapest type of fabric awnings in Townsville and remains popular as a result.

The other dominant type of windows in homes, especially in European countries, is casements windows. These casement windows are windows with a hinged sash that is capable of swinging either in or out, similar to the function of a door. When you have plain hinges, these used to be used with a casement stay.

Of course, there are many other types of windows other than single hung, double hung, horizontal sliding sash, and casement windows in use all over the world. For example, there are the highly decorative security screens in Townsville. Stained glass windows can often be seen in churches and other similar buildings where they often depict either people or a scene. Stained glass windows are actually made out of many smaller pieces of colored glass which are usually separated by glazing bars made out of lead.

And then, in more tropical areas, you may see jalousie windows which can also be known as louvered windows. This particular type of window consists of many parallel slats of glass or acrylic that each turn to open and close in a manner similar to a Venetian blind. Opening and closing a jalousie window is usually done through the assistance of mechanical tools such as cranks or levers. And then, finally, there are also skylights which are set into roofs and used to let a lot of light into the house during the day. There are even insect screens in Townsville which protect your house from inscets. 

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