How To Take Care Of Your Tapestry Right

How To Take Care Of Your Tapestry Right

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The shower curtain is often wet causing the buildup of scum and mildew. Make sure that at least three to four times a month, you remember to spray the curtain with an all-purpose cleaner that also has bleach and you will see that the curtain does not need a trip to the laundry all that often. It could be that you bought your tapestry off a garage sale or you could have inherited it as a family heirloom. Either way, tapestry is sensitive or subject to damage which is why you need to put in some effort to ensure that it stays the way it was when you initially got it. Many homes have tapestry that seem threadbare, drained of colour of faded, crinkled up or is covered with wear and tear marks. All of this takes away from the overall appearance of your home and will make it look rather dull and gloomy. So here are a few great ways in which you can take care of your tapestry to ensure maximum life span and the best possible ambiance for your home.

Look at the kind of floor you have

Is the floor of your home smooth and even or does it have roughness, or even irregular nature? If there are lumps or bumps, you might have to get that fixed before you install the tapestry. The reason is that, if exposed to irregular floors for an extended period of time, tapestry will begin to bend to the shape of the lumps and pits. You do not want your money going to waste now do you?

No regular washing please

No, you cannot dump the tapestry in some normal detergent and expect it to be cleaned or start scrubbing it with a brush. You will most probably need to get carpet steam cleaners Adelaide which will do the best job in maintaining your tapestry. Read the labels on the product carefully before you purchase your tapestry and see how they have instructed maintenance. If you follow these well enough, your tapestry will always look great.

Pet damage

If you have pets at home, you will not want to invest in expensive tapestry that needs very specific and meticulous methods of maintenance. The reason is simple, you will not be able to do it every single day because your pets will be in and out of the house and all over sometimes even trying to eat the tapestry or dig their way through it. Get some inexpensive if you must, that will only need some quick and regular rug cleaning that does not cost you much or avoid the tapestry altogether.

Water, sunlight and weight

None of these work well with tapestry. Having a lot of moisture around or constantly spilling liquid on top of it will take a toll on the tapestry. The same goes for sunlight. You give it too much sunlight and the colours will begin to fade. Placing overly heavy furniture directly on top of the tapestry will wear it down really fast. Watch out for these common culprits and protect your tapestry for a long time.

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