Creating An Idea Book For Decorating Your Home

Creating An Idea Book For Decorating Your Home

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In this day and age, getting certain ‘looks’ off the internet is super easy; whether it is for a wedding, a garden landscape or your dream home, you are always sure to find just what you need. If you are decorating your home or will soon have a home to decorate one of the best ways to go about it is to create an idea book. In the olden days an idea book was an album in which couples pasted pictures of all the things they wanted to get. Nowadays, the idea book is online and much more versatile. Here are some of the ways you can go about collecting pictures and samples for your idea book: 

Canvass the Stores

This means walking through the gamut of all stores available and then some. You will find carpet retailers and quality carpet stain removal who are more than willing to let you take pictures in front of them just so you’d buy, or consider buying, a few for your home. There will be furniture shops with glossy brochures just ready for you to take home and paste in your book – or scan and upload if your ‘book’ is online. The trick is to be exposed to a lot of possible furniture and furnishings because the more you’ll see the more you will gain an understanding of material, texture, durability etc. Remember, you are only looking at possibilities right now, so don’t be afraid to window shop. When you find something that’s better than what you already have don’t be afraid to remove or delete the earlier choice.

Hit Up the Friends

Those friends that you considered too cutesy and annoying because they PDA all over the place and became domiciled together about a million years ago may be of some use after all; they can provide inspiration on what you can do in your future home. Interestingly, they will also provide inspiration on what not to do. Nothing is easier than walking into a friend’s home, asking them for permission and then snapping a few pics – not even a Turkish carpet sale Auckland may be so accommodating. If you know they don’t like pictures, invite them in for a selfie and make sure to get a shot of whatever you want in the background… sneaky.

Make Your Own

If DIY is your thing, then one of the most fun things you can do is to go shopping for material. Get samples from the hardware stores and stick them in your idea book, keeping in mind that samples might change depending on the seasons and the time. After all, new trends come and go all the time and it can be very difficult to get the exact same thing that was there in the shop three months ago.

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